The process is simple.

     Step 1.       Review the session options available.

     Step 2.      Confirm a date and time for your session.

     Step 3.      Receive confirmation and communication link from me for our session via the teleportal link,

     Step 4.      Complete, sign and submit the online paperwork.

     Step 5.      Meet online at the agreed upon time.

Many individuals derive benefit from one or two solution focused sessions while others choose ongoing sessions to deepen insight to  pursuits, challenges, or objectives when 3-6 sessions might be preferred.  

How to check in using

     1.   Use a computer or device with a camera and microphone

     2.    Enter the web address provided to you for the session

     3.    Type in your name and click check in

     4.    Allow your browser to use your webcam and microphone

     Secure * Confidential * HIPPAA approved